and thank you for reading
I am a British and Italian artist based now in Bristol after 8 years in London
I started as background artist in student films and music video
My passion for this artistic world increased year after year and decided to dedicate part of my life also in modeling for Institutes of art and groups of artists in London and surrounding during their drawing sessions
Thank to these people i decided to try my abilities in paintings flowers
I started in May 2017 when i was living half of my life in Wiltshire and half on my narrow boat along the canals of London
I was fascinated by the colors of the British nature and wanted to reproduce them on paper and canvas
Moreover i was having a very hard time with my ex partner abusing me emotionally and these paintings and life models sessions were helping me to survive
Gradually i came out from that awful relationship and now i dedicate myself full time to my artistic work , more a passion than a work
I am trying to sell my artworks worldwide and in less than 8 months i have sold more than 40 paintings in Europe and rest of world
I am trying to be active in the cultural life of the capital and now of south west of England
i have done several exhibitions and at the moment i am exhibiting in the art gallery in Bristol called Du808
Also my acting career is coming back after all the anxiety and panic attacks suffered in the last couple of years and on IMDB i have collected more than 27 credits for my films and tv series
this is the link of my page on IMDB :
At the moment i am looking for a studio in Bristol where i can dedicate full time to my paintings
Thanks for reading
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