How the greedy Magpie arrived to Swimdom island

in swimdom island we have a new brothel presented like a perfect place to shoot for kids and family in the morning
but in the night
fetish turtle turtle parties with young chickens and old turtles
mmmmmn 🤔
'nafa rious' is called
Igor , the old wicked rat is so excited to promote his workshops on V🐁gina cookies with his great friends ' the unfamous chicken couple' and his new love , a magpie 😜 with a awful cracking voice , famous in all the island to have used her shaved black ass with rich pigs ready to pay with goldish stones her sexual services ..cra cra cra she is croacking around ' i m poor  ..i m homeless.. cra cra cra carries on with her ugly voice while all the animals of purple pork animal farm put their hands at their ears because can t stand all her stupid caw ..she carries on : i played too much with the old pigs of the farm , but they payed me with faked golden stones ...but i confused it with real gold because i m a stupid and greedy magpie ..and now i am exausted and tired and need a sugar daddy ..i need a shed and i m ready to play turtle bunga parties in the new colourful nafa rius brothel with everyone included the nymphomaniac house chicken model because i m tired to spend all my life living in derelicts😫i want to be a rich but pervert magpie and i m ready to lick the hump at the old and wicked Igor when he is cooking his vagina cookies to promote his fetish workshops with the young nymphomaniac of swimdom island

Swimdom island the perfect nafa rius place for cheap turtle turtle 🐢🐓bunga parties

thanks for reading 😉👀