Scam among the animals of the farm

well guys read with attention  

this advise by modelingalliangedotcom :this is what happening in Purple pork animal farm of swimdom island
a scam of faked photographers and models
just chickens and dirty pigs going around declaring to be famous fashion model and the new Helmot Newton
Scam scam scam scam
read please

Potential Scams: Warning Signs & Advice Online Scams

It has been reported to us that Purple Pork Animal farm , which allows anyone to pose as a “professional” photographer or agent, is especially risky. It has also been reported to us that models have gone missing and have been sexually assaulted using this farm managed by the perverted Rio
. For these reasons, we recommend that it is best to avoid it altogether.

Unsolicited Contact

Some scams may try to contact you directly via Facebook or Instagram with an offer of a casting or the chicken couple of the brothel of Swimdom island invite young hens for their fetish turtle turtle bunga parties organised to win the famous Free Pork International Awards (FPIs)
Swimdom island short story 🙃