The abandoned Fraya

pooorrrr fraja the chicken left by Rio the farmer of purple pork animal farm 🐖 for another perverted hen..Fraja is disperated and sad and has changed her shed for this .. and now from her new colorfull sofa , she sells her shaved pussy for just 30 gold coins per hour.. and obviously she has great success among the old pigs and turtles of purplepork animal farm ..but it is strange 🤔Ragglaz , the warthdog 007 of the farm , has not contacted her yet ...why ? Fraja is a very dirty chicken and she enjoyed the carrots.. she ate a lots of carrots with all her holes previously to please Rio the farmer .. but Ragglaz still avoids her
why ? why ? why ?
is asking all the community of Swimdom island ?
why no Fraja , for the glutton of rips and carrots?
there is only an answer
Ragglaz , the warthog, likes carrots and faked boobs like those of jackiebitch, a dirty old chicken ready to play for old pigs in their dungeons in Surrey..
Why ? is asking the community of swimdom island ?? 🤔
Ragglaz likes to grab the boobs of jackiebitch with one of his fat and sweety hand all horny , while with the other hand kept his loved carrot ..
but the poor Fraja has no faked boobs.. Fraja , the stupid hen , is a sort of mynothaur and can t please the warthog 😫 why ?? why ? why ?
everyone wants to know !!! because the hen has small ugly boobs with no nipples !!
ohhhh nooooo says the community of swimdom island.. and now ?????
Fraja has just something different and maybe better than jackiebitch
she can play air from her large bum
she was used to play the ninna nanna every single night before going to sleep with her bum
a ninna nanna for ex boyfriend Rio the farmer titled : do re mi fa so la si PORK , prrrrrrrrrr
swimdom island short story