The fat chicken models can destroy the trees of the farm

 if your weight is over 150 kg do not jump on the first tree , with an horrible pink / red dress to take a picture for a poor pig pensioner , rich and horny after years of service for the big brother 🤔.. you do everything just to win a useless FPI alias free pork international award of purplepork animal farm ??? think at that tree .. it is there maybe for 200 years .. animals have their home in that tree.. and you .. obese stupid faked model with your jump on its branch could break the tree and fell down.. you could break your legs but nobody pay you because in purplepork animal farm nobody sign a contract of work and does a liability insurance for these risks ... and never thought at all those poor owls who could become homeless because that tree collapsed under your superfat bpdy ??? or the poor squirrel killed by your obese bum when you collapsed on the grass ?? really for a FPI AWARD of purplepork animal farm these zombies are ready to die or kill innocent animals and trees without a minimum of respect
purple selfish zombies 🐷🐖