The warthog , glutton of carrots and rips of young chickens

so the dirty warthog renamed Raglez is carrying on to upload pictures of bums of his mistresses around .. first : this fat and short warthog paid by the taxpayers to look at the security of the island can go around lying about his dirty activity with chicken prostitutes hidden behind purplepork animal farm ? his boss must know šŸ¤” ?
second : i would like to know what is happening behind those purple curtains

third : that faked modeling agency hidden behind 'Ragglez the fat' (because greedy of rips and carrots )
how is paying these mistresses ? cash in hand ? illegal work ? 30/40 pound per hour or 300 pound a day to play with carrots and shaved black holes of the hens ?
and all these pictures with carrots and bananas torturing those idiot chickens where are going ?
well hens be carefull
obviously , the dirty Igor of swimdom island dont loose occasion to put i like on that shxt..
but we know .. everyone knows now
in his brothel he takes pictures at kids in the morning , while in the nights at escort chicken models playing turtle turtle bunga parties with his friends of fxt lxfe
disgusting for the community of that sad island !
but unfortunately for all that sept of perverts the big brother has arrived behind profiles of models and togs checking what is happeningšŸ¤£ therefore
lots of fun for all of us to see how those rats are trying to hide their dirty