A beautiful photographic safari in Kenya is a must if you love animals and nature.

When I was a travel agent in Italy, I decided to do a trip to Kenya to visit the land of wild animals and outstanding nature.

After a lot of research, I decided to book my travel through an operator called African explorer.

Remember that there are so many solutions when you decide to travel to Kenya.

Some operators offer a quiet holiday in a resort in Mombasa or other touristic places along the coast of the Indian ocean , with the possibility to do a short safari around, instead other operators offer a safari in the most important national parks for a few days or weeks.

Personally, when I travel abroad I prefer to see new places than relaxing on the beach drinking a margarita.

I was living in a city surrounded by a beautiful sea in Italy so I dod not need to repeat this experience when I am on holiday.

I prefer the adventure with a bit of risk when I travel like a sort of Marco Polo.

Anyway, when you book a trip to Kenya you need to be a bit considerate 

First of all, buy travel insurance because if you get in trouble, you need to be covered and send back as soon as possible to your home country

I know a few people who did not have insurance, forced to pay incredible bills at the end of their holiday because of hospital cares and emergency transports they received.

Another thing to consider before booking a safari in Kenya is the reputation of the agency you use.

When you work as a travel agent you can hear lots of real problems happening in the country you decide to visit … In Kenya, dozens of people were left in the middle of the Savana because the van broke down and nobody was going to rescue them the for days.

Savana is very dangerous.

You are not travelling in a safari park.

 The real world of lions, leopards, hippos, rhinos, hyenas, cheetahs, zebras is there!

These wild animals are looking for food all the time and you could be their morning cookies or the evening lasagna!

So, please before this travel be sure that the operator you are using is good and safe.

Try to imagine the scene of you inside a car while the lions are walking on the roof trying to enter to eat you !!! Your holiday transformed into a horror film.

I advice no to book once arrived in the country if you do not know the agency even if it is cheaper than booking from Europe.

If you do not have lots of money and still looking for a load travel agency, Tripadvisor can be a good solution but be careful anyway

These websites are not all the time sincere because the feedbacks can be built ad hoc by people working for the companies.

So, let start to travel now! 

Once arrived at the airport of Nairobi I met our tour guide and driver and we started our tour around the parks and the nature of Kenya.

I had photographic safaris in

Amboseli , Masai Mara , Lake Nakuru .

The tour arrived up to Monte Kenya where I spent the night in a resort built with bamboo.

In the night there was a ranger coming to knock at the door if some wild animal was at the pond under our windows.

It was a really different experience

In the evening when you arrive at the hotel you feel a list of animals.

You have to say which animals you want to see if they arrive at the pond during the night and the ranger comes to wake you up.

Around the hotel, there are a few elephants and I still remember my excursion during the day in the forest with the ranger who was explaining the life of these big animals in the bush.

And in the mornings a few little but naughty monkeys entered in my bedroom through the window to steal my candies! 

There are beautiful mountains in Kenya and Mount Kenya is one of them.

I loved, in particular, the safari in the night around the Masai Mara.

You can see how wild animals fight to survive and lots of very cleaned skeletons around thanks to the work of the big vultures! 

It is not a joke living in the Savana.

The danger is behind the corner all the time.

I still remember when we saw a group of lions lying lazily on the floor.

The ranger told us they are not interested in us until we stay inside the van because they see us like an animal bigger than them.

But when he tried to open the door, immediately the big lion jumped on his legs ready to attack because we could become tasty crisps for his big teeth.

Never go around the Savana if you don't know what to do because you could disappear forever.

Some brave people decide to sleep in a tent in that wild territory.

I would not suggest because ever year someone is eaten by the lions in the night…better sleeping in one of those hotels around.

Elephants can be dangerous too especially if they have their babies and the van or people walk towards them.

Big crocodiles next to the rivers and hippos increase the mystery of that place.

Giraffes are very elegant and mysterious going around with their long neck eating leaves of those few trees in the natural reserves.

Hyenas are mean and dangerous … I do not like them with their weird smile and voice! 

Another beautiful place to visit is Lake Nakuru famous for his pink flamingos and the black rhinos… a natural reserve and perfect place for a bird watching.

Rhinos are big animals full of strength and never felt comfortable when going through the park next to them.

If they decide to attack you, your van can have very big problems.

During the travels, we stop in the local shops to buy some local products and have the possibility to talk with the locals.

Nice people and even if they are poor are always smiling and nice.

I still remember the lady walking around with shoes done with the wheels of an old car, asking to give her my croissants in the change of her beautiful necklace…I did not want her artcraft but she insisted because she loved my croissant to bring to her kids. 

Or the guy in the middle of the street with his basket full of water explaining how the water run differently to the rest of Europe because we are down the equator … and if we do a step we are up the equator and the water is running like in London.

I stopped also in the village of the famous Masai Mara.

They live in their villages with their traditions and strange homes.

They have their village and live with their own animals, in particular cows .

I was really surprised and very upset when I discover that the wall of their homes are built with the poo of their cows and they refresh the wall quite often to maintain the inside cooler.

Inside their homes, there are just a few things and the smell is not one of the best.

They are very proud of their traditions and community and if you can do a donation to them during the visit is a great gesture.

One night, when I was in one of those hotel lost in the middle of the Savana, I was lucky to watch local artists singing their African songs under the moon next to a big fire to keep away the wild animals! 

Amazing voices and atmosphere

In those moments I thought to be on another planet

 The Magic of Africa 

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