A new art exhibition in Bristol for Laura Artist

Since i started to paint , i have always thought to improve my technique to become a professional artist .

I have always followed art in Italy and abroad and thought the success of an artist is based on the talent but also on the way to do marketing 

If you paint just for your own pleasure you will never become famous or at least known

You need to enter in the cultural circle of the place where you live , following other artists on social medias but first of all in the real life

So last yeari decided to do several exhibitions in London and Swindon where i was living part of my life 

The exhibitions in London are very expensive 

Usually you must pay around 300 pound  to rent a small space to hung a couple of your paintings

In Swindon the prices are better but the town is not very successful for its artists talent  

Anyway i was part of  two open studios where i exhibited my artworks in a space with other artists 

I did not sell a lot but my name was started to be known around 

Later , towards the end of the year i did other two abstract , expressionism . art fine , fine art , conceptual , happy , art on sale , art collectionist , art gallery , housewarming , carnevale , surrealistic , kunst 

One in an art gallery in Swindon and one in Orchard cafe ' of Ealing in London 

After that i sold all my paintings through an auction website and did not think to exhibit anymore for a while 

My relationship finished in December after years of emotional abuses and my mind was not ready in that moment to think at other exhibitions

But when i decided to come to Bristol to change totally my life i started to look around and noticed how many art galleries are in the city 

I started to ask around the costs to exhibit my artworks and  wow !! here the prices are much better than in London 

I found this gallery called DU808 in central Bristol and three of my paintings are now there trying to sell them 

If it does not happen i am not upset 

I have another line on my artistic CV to show the world how serious i am like an artist 

Meantime i am looking around in Bristol , Bath , Cheltenham and Wells to see another place to exhibit at the end of Summer 

in case you are interested please let me know 

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