A nice trip in South West of France flying from Bristol ( 1st episode)

Holiday !!

Last August i decided to go to visit a couple of British friends living next to La Rochelle in south west of France .

So i did a research and decided to book my flight with Easyjet from Bristol airport where now i live 

Bristol airport is not far from the city center and it is very easy to arrive by public transport 

A return ticket costs £ 13 pound even if  it is better to book also the return  to avoid problems to jump on the bus when coming back 

 The flight from Bristol to La Rochelle is only one hour and i was impressed to  discover on the airplane just 53 passengers ( usually when i was flying from London the airplane was full ) 

La Rochelle

Once arrived to La Rochelle i booked a taxi and in less then 20 minutes i arrived to my hotel , an Ibis budget , just on the border of the  historical city 

i did not pay too much for the bedroom and the quality was very good 

The night of my arrival i went to explore the historical center of La Rochelle and decided to have a dinner all alone in one of the restaurant on the bay 

I was attracted by the smell of cooked fish , so rare here in UK to find in the restaurants

My dinner in la Rochelle based on tasty fish 

I ordered mussels and firs and when my dish arrived i could not believe at the quantity of food in my bowl !! oh no ! i said .. this is too much .. please bring back half of the portion because never i will eat all  these mussels 

But the  smiling waiter  told me no to be worried and eat  until my poor little stomach was full 

The mussels were good in their special sauce and i appreciated also the fries on the side .

But how i was imagining , i could not finish all my food and unfortunately half of it was thrown into the bin ... what a waste !!! 

Anyway i decided to eat a good France ice cream after all those mussels  for  all my hard work in the year to change in better my life after 3 years of emotional abuses received by the hands of a wicked man of Swindon 

After my dinner , with a belly full of mussels and ice cream , i went a bit around to take pictures at the moon and the ghosts hidden in the old town and at the end of it ,  i collapsed in the bed of my hotel 

It was so nice to have a gentle warm breeze caressing my skin ( here in uk the wind is always cold !! even in Summer ) 

The following  day i was really disappointed when i discovered i could not have my breakfast at the hotel because i had not booked it the day before .. but we are talking of an ibis budget , so this sort of disappointing surprise must  be accepted 

Therefor a bit hungry and angry i walked all my way down to the first bar of the city to have my France croissant and espresso 

After that i was feeling much better and ready for the maritime museum of la Rochelle 

Maritime Museum 

i was lucky because it was the first Sunday of the month and i had not to pay the  ticket 

i went all around the old boats and explored in particular an old vessel used in the 1980s to study the ocean and the weather '

It was a great experience for me because i love very much the boats 

Never i will forget my two years living all alone on a narrow boat cruising every 15 days along the canals of London 

 At 2 pm i had my train towards Saints , a small city in South west of France where my two dear British friends live 

And what a surprise when i discovered a  single ticket for 1 hour and 10 minutes on an high speed train  is only 9 euro !! so cheap are the trains in France compared to England ! 

A new adventure on the way 

Please follow me to read the next episode 

Thanks XX 

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