A walk in the park in Bristol under a nice and warm sun

What is happening to all of us ?

We are locked down but mother nature is  showing the best with a very warm sun .

i know that feeling . It is so unsual to have in England so many sunny days in April .

In 9 years living here , it is the first time happening in this month .

But obviously we can not enjoy because the Government is asking us to limit our time outdoor 

We are lucky , anyway , because we can go out at least once a day to do a bit of exercise 

In other countries It  is impossible 

People can go out only for shopping and must have the ok from the council 

This is not still happening in Uk even if just yesterday 900 people died !

Tragedy after tragedy 

But some English people show who they are going out , sitting in the grass and sunbathing !!

In my video uploaded here , you can look and see people behaving so unrespectfully. 

Skill workers are working hard everyday for us risking their lives .

Staying at home today , save lives  tomorrow .

But these selfish people are not caring .

Honestly they should be fined , heavily fined to give a message to the Nation .

But do you know what will happen ?

After Easter there will be so many dead people , that  the Government will arrive to close our doors for months 

Thank you,  selfish people 

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