Another Sunday around Bristol during the lockdown

Bristol is my city since June 2019...but i was always running to London for work without discovering its beauty ...

Only  in this month of lockdown , after almost an year , i have started to walk around discovering beautiful corners .. also a capital can not be so superb !! 

I do not know how long i will stay in Bristol.. i m a sort of sailor and maybe in a few years i will move to another location or country .. i m very curious about our planet earth .

Anyway i m very happy to be here and if there is a God i can just say thank you to have me brought  here after a long period of unhappiness and troubles .

I am an experienced  bilingal tour guide so if you plan a visit here after this coronamess remember my website and 25 years of experience in the industry  .

Just a note 

At the end of this video a small piece of white pollen went into my throat  and i had to cough . 

It would be a natural thing in normal moments. 

But not now soon as i started to cough all the people around started trun like crazy bees far from me

I wanted to laugh but i could not .

But i can assure you it was very funny to see people victims of a corona-19 panick attack for an innocent piece of pollen in my throat .

Thanks for reading 

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