At 7 am in London after a travel with National express or Megabus

7 am in London !! 

Well guys i moved to Bristol last June after 8 years in the capital 

I was tired to spend all my money in rents for bedrooms share in houses with other people 

I am sincere 

I hate flatmates and there is  always someone who was creating problems around 

Dirty , ignorant , noisy and scary landlords  

For that i bought also my narrow boat where i lived for 2 years cruising along the canals of the capital 

An amazing experience even if it was a very hard work !!

So last June i arrived in Bristol after 8 long years around London 

This smaller city is very nice , cheaper and quiter and people are very nice and friendly 

I love BRISTOLIUMS !!!!!!!!!! I am feeling at home , like living in Italy !!

But unfortunately there is not so much work as in London  if you want to be an artist full time and for that i m often in the big smoke 

But traveling by train is impossible ! 

A return ticket early morning can cost up £130 !! 

£130  for just  just 1 hour and half of train !!!!!!!! too much for a return ticket !!!

So after a research i discovered coaches are the best solution 

National express or Megabus offer a return ticket at £11 if you book a bit in advance 

The travel is about 3 hours but you can rest or sleep and when i arrive at my destination i m very relaxed and ready to work long hours in the capital !

You need to plan very well your arrival in London Victoria  because the traffic in London is very bad and you can loose 1 hour and half from Heathrow to the station . 

But  at the end of the day, thanks to these two bus companies  i can finish my work and  go back to Bristol with my soul full of art !!! 

Thanks for reading 

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