Dangerous virus hidden behind these social medias affecting and ruining the lives of people forever ?

Well guys 

I am here again after a crazy friday with friends 

I am locked at home because of the coronavirus and most of my appointments of work have been canceled because of it 

But i am a creative  artist and try to use these hours to write , paint , to promote and improve the marketing of my work 

I am in most of the social medias to take ideas and inspirations for my work 

But in the last months on FB something changes 

Every single day i receive ads,  sent to me with no an apparent reason

Maybe the algorythms ? 

I always try to be logic and optimistic 

Very strange , because i rarely look for products to buy on Fb 

But what is scary is the level of arrogance and unrispect used towards my page called darkmoon life model on FB

I am using this page to advertise part of my short stories called SWIMDOM ISLAND ,

Short stories based on animals , chickens ,pigs , warthog , all living happily SLAVES OF THEIR VICES AND PERVERSIONS in a place  called PURPLE PORK ANIMAL FARM organised by the weird Rio the farmer .

Well..on FB , more than  once,  my posts on innocent animals were considered against the standards of the community for harassment and bullying 


How can FB can judge these posts against the community ? 


Most of the problems are created by one of my ex , A  ZOMBIE  WHO SEES HIMSELF EVERYWHERE LIKE GOD , when in reality i am so happy his ugly bum is out of my sight forever .

Anyway after this ban of 3 days finishes , my number of followers drastically increased !

From 98 friends the number arrived in only 2 weeks at 4000 friends !!!

Why they arrive ? from where ? It is like my profile jump on the top of the list of the most famous comedians , writers  , actresses , life models in the world !

Obviously i do not trust Fb and decide to create another profile , just in case the old one is banned forever 

Everything seems nice and perfect in the new profile, but in a couple of  days i received a text from Fb asking me to do a face recognition test if i want to keep the new profile alive .

Why ? who asked this ? it is not enough my name , telephone number and mail address with all the verification codes ??

Then i remember that one of the friends of my ex zombie works like a sort of 007 in a public  office  in Uk ... and maybe this unhappy nerd  sees himself in a caracter of my short stories ? Why  he wants to stop me to post my short stories on these socials or publish my book  ? why he does not  do his real work   instead of thinking at my fb and short stories ?

What  these invisible people working behind FB are trying to do with the normal people posting on that social media ?

How much Fb is affecting our lives ? it is like a drug for all of us ? Everyone  is critizing Fb but we need to be on FB .. and who are the invisible people working for FB ?? 

FB like a virus for our minds and lives ? 

In my case FB is trying to Block me in  writing stories of  chickens and rich fat purple pigs ?

What   the invible people of Fb see   behind these animals  ?

I do not know .. honestly i write because inspired bu George Orwell and his BEAUTIFUL BOOK TITLED  ANIMAL FARM 

Anyway once the ban  on fb finished ,i receive another text telling me i can t post in any group for 7 long days because i interact too much in fb groups ? 

ME ?? really ?? i never post in those  groups apart some sporadic picture after my drawing sessions 

Anyway i don t care  of this block 

How it can affect me if i do not use groups ? Very a stupid behaviour from the invisible man hidden behind Fb 

He can stop my activity on this profile of Fb but i am in many other social medias sharing my short stories and my thought about the society and the fake artistic world of this island in  north of Europe .

And today another surprise 

When the block in the groups finished,  i receive another post saying  i have asked at too many people to be my friends on fb ? 

Really ?? People are asking me to be my friends on Fb and i am banned for this because i do not know them ? 

This is very strange and against the community  rules of Fb 

Fb was created to connect people all around the world but the  same invisible man behind fb is trying to find another excuse to stop my profile 

I am very suspicious  and  like to see how and when this invible man of FB acts against my profile 

He is surely a man.. an angry man who has been stopped in doing something bad in our normal society 

A psycopath , a nerd ,  living all his life behind a desk spying posts , lives , pictures , phone calls and words of other people 

A friend of my ex zombie ??? should not not surprised of his negativity 

This man works for FB saturdays and Sundays ?

A week end worker ?

Probably he has another work and he is alone all his life ?

Probably  he works as a sort of 007  also for FB to keep his miserable life apparently interesting ?

He is a part time worker because all the problems in my profile starts on Saturdays and finish on Sundays ?

So guys now i try 


More than 10.000 people will read my words where i am asking just what is happening behind fb

Just a question , no an accusation 

What else he will try to do ? 

he will arrive on my website tyrying to close my blog ?

Well guys , we are in Uk 

In a country where people call themselves professional models and photographers because they pay a subscription at a sad modeling website ... in a country where they are paid up to £50 per hour in cash without contract of work to behave  as escorts in their rooms or hotel rooms .. in a country where young escorts playing with holy crosses (paid in gold by a rich man) are going  around declaring to be artists ?????? ? 

But my Fb must be censured , my short stories should never be published , and i should be silenced ??? 

for my short stories and my blog full of questions ?? 

In conclusion 

Fb  has a great impact on our lives and if it is not used with intelligence can CREATE mental problems and odd behaviour in people who use it OR WORK FOR IT 

We have now  the coronavirus trying to destroy our lives , but a virus arrived before ruining  the world  ..a virus called FB 

Thanks for reading 

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