Emergengy for a Pandemic called Coronavirus but no on Purpleport !?? why ???

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Here i am again locked at home trying to protect myself from the terrible Coronavirus 

i am Italian and shocked to see what is happening in my homecountry 

Every day around 500 people die .

Between 17/18 March 902 people passed away 

Crematoriums are no more enough and quite every family in Lombardia is loosing a relative

i have my daughter there and at the moment is safe at home but probably she will loose her year at school 

But this is not a problem compared at people who are loosing their battle against coronavirus 

Here in Uk the situation at the moment is better , even if the number of people affected by the virus is increasing day by day , especially in London .

We can see the london streets completely empty but still lots of people are using the tube ( underground and overground ) because  the schools will be shut down only today and many people must still go working .

In other European countries everything has been locked down and people forced to stay at home and the Government will give to them benefits and money that people need in these difficult situations

We pay taxes for this , dont you ? 

Bu i have noticed lots of illegal work around , in particular behind small modeling websites where people without experience arrive to ask £50 per hour plus travel expenses if they do not work in their homes , studio sheds or hotel rooms 

A great  business if we think most of these photoshoots (even if organize through the platform of these modeling websites ) are paid in cash in hands and no contract of work is signed 

In italy is called LAVORO NERO

Anyway let us go back talking about Coronavirus emergency 

Nobody understands anything about this virus 

It is very mean 

It enters in your body and stays silent for 14 long days 

Then explodes like an atomic bomb in your body ..BANG !!!

You are devastated

if you are  lucky you stay at home and in a couple of weeks you are fine again 

But many people need medications and ventilators

Lots of people do not survive

Before people over 70s but now the cases under 50s are increasing 

In my opinion still now the government is not prepared very well at this invisible enemy but some of the British citizens are behaving without respect and arrogance towards the most common directions to keep our body healthy and safe 

Here we arrive at the problem

Again a modeling website is in front of my eyes

I often go to see what is happening there , because it is unbelievable to see how brainwashed and superficial are the people using that platform 

Just a note 

For my innocent short stories on animals of fantasy created for my short stories titled Swimdom Island , Fb has blocked my account for 3 days 

Probably a subscribers of that website reported me 

Still now i can write on my account because i know how to do , but Fb block my account for purple pigs and chickens , and in this country people are free to organize group events and photoshoots outdoor or in small studios when a pandemic is killing around thousand of people 

In London, Bristol, Bath , Glasgow and many other cities institutes of art , school of arts , theatres , universities have been locked down to preserve the health of people

It is a big problem for the industry of art becasue people like me are not working at the moment 

But it is fine 

Life before money 

But in purpleport dot com  , housewives and students who have joined the website after paying a subscription and start to  shout around to be professional published fashion and erotic models , are advertising their casting in that platform .

These castings have been uploaded just yesterday or two days ago !! 

And these events will be this week end or the next one

here some example 

i have covered names and location to protect the privacy of these irresponsible people anyway 


Considering most of the pensioners who pay the subscription at the website are over 70s ,  these events , if respected,  will bring death and tragedy 

Moreover in this country at the moment there are no enough ventilators , so it means these arrogant people who do not care about the Government advice , will die or will bring an huge amount of work at doctors and nurse already stressed by the shole situation


Why in this country  that website is so protected  ? 

I know some of those pensioners advertising themselves like photographer are retired cops and employees of the government 

Maybve they are protecting this website so they can take pictures without problem at unknown but greedy young girls or old housewives ? 

My FB has been blocked because reported for my short stories considered against the standard of the community , but these people can work freely in a moment of pandemic !!

Please !! if you have a bit of mind in your head and conscience and respect towards the other people and NHS do not go to these events

Thanks for reading 

Report instead Purpleport dot com encouraging this behaviour 

Be safe 

Stay at home 

Wash you hands 

And for a while suspend your artistic hobby 

Hopefully it is just a moment 

Before your life , then purpleport 

Thanks for reading 

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