Exploring Weston -Super -Mer in North Somerset

Since my arrival in Bristol , i have been welcomed by a lovely British sun and for this i often decide to explore the lovely surroundings

Living in London was  exiting, but during my sad love story in Wiltshire i had started to appreciate the British countryside and its several shadows of green 

Therefore after the end of my relationship last winter , i  decided gradually to live in Bristol because surrounded by a beautiful rural environment  and no too far from the strong Ocean 

When i was living in Italy ,my city called  Livorno gave me fantastic summers on the seaside ...an habit i had unfortunately  lost living in London ...the capital is far form the sea and if you want to reach the cost you must be ready to pay at least 2/25 pound for a return ticket 

I love the water and for that i decided to live on my narrow boat Summer place 

Instead in Bristol , lovely locations are less than one hour from the city and you can reach them by bus paying only 7 pound for a return ticket 

Therefore in the last  weeks i have discovered lovely locations such as Portishead and Clevelond with his Victorian pier 

But i wanted to see Weston-Super-Mar for its strong tide 

Everyone told me no to go to this location because the tide is very strong and could be very dangerous . But i am a real explorer and i do not believe at the words of people until i see with my own eyes

So today i took for the second time in my life the bus towards Weston 

Last week when i arrived the tide was already arrived and the location appeared lovely and no very different to the other beaches i saw around the world 

But today the famous Bristol channel was a very surprise for an Italian like me used to a mild Mediterranean sea 

Once arrived on the beach there was no water but only mud 

I was feeling like a fish dying for the lack of salted water 

What a strange sensation  

The water was miles away from the coast 

Oh my god !! the power of the moon on our planet is so strong 

In that instant i could feel myself a small grain in a large field

The human beings have stopped to respect our planet Earth , but its power is so strong and one day we will pay for all our mistakes 

It was so curious to see the stupidity  of human beings again and again

Everywhere it is written to be careful to walk on the sand because  people can get stacked in the deep mud and die when the tide arrives 

But lots of people where braving again the power of the nature and walking very far from the coast

Mamma miaaaa , i was thinking 

Imagine if one of those zombies get stacked now , just a few minutes before the arrival of the waves 

He can die before the rescue  

Fortunately nothing happened and the waves arrived without hurting anyone 

In Bristol channel there is the second highest tide in the world ( the first one is in Canada ) and the level of water  can reach up to 19 meters 

On my way home i watched at the River Avon crossing Bristol 

The tide was arrived also in the city and the River was so full of water 

Guys , i am so excited of this phenomenon because never seen in Italy before 

If you love the power of nature i suggest a visit to Weston super mare 

A bit less if you hate families with turbulent kids 

But be patience and enjoy the life on one of the largest beach seen around the world 

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