Follow your instinct to change habits and improve your life .

Every single day at home working and trying to keep me busy.

I live alone in a flat in central Bristol and could lose my mind all day at home, alone and worried because in UK people who are self-employed are not helped as they should.


For strange rules, formulas, prejudices and superficiality lots of people working as self-employed like me are left alone without a single pound of support.

For this , i decided to change my life with a  new work and new style.

I will not lose my time in jobs where I am underpaid or treated like just a number . For example , one of my other works is  hostess for events and brand ambassador… I am registered with lots of  agencies that call you when they need but  there is not a proper contract of work…you are just a number to be used for a particular project … and again for a strange case, people like me do not receive a single pound from the new scheme called furlough because the Government has left these agencies  the freedom to choose the people to forlough.

In my view a good strategy for the Government to pay fewer people.


The UK is out of Europe for Brexit and who tells me that maybe the Bank of England is not so rich as it should and the European Union is not giving anymore a single Euro to this small Island in the Ocean.

For that i decided to say fuck off to all these useless ghost helps and became a proper sole trader .

It means I am the boss of my business and I pay myself for the work I do! 

I opened online 5 shops, started to do dropshipping with the United States and China, teaching Italian online, selling art, pictures, , videos and promoting my own brand.

The first orders have already arrived and is getting better and better more I know how to deal with this new business.

But every single day I am at home starting to work at 11 am until 10 pm.

Some break in the middle with walks around the city or drinking coffee or eating some food.


And with this new life, I saw for the first time how bad was my diet! 

I am Italian and I have always tried to eat healthy food based on Mediterranean recipes when living in my home country.

But years spent in London working around the capital eating in MacDonalds, Cafe Nero, Costa cafe, Pret, Starbucks had changed my habits.

When I was living on my narrowboat I was always very busy and did not care about what I was eating… moreover, I had no fridge so I always was eating take away food.

I can not forget the horrible recipes of my ex English partner too.

When I was at his home I could not cook for him because he does not like Italian food.

And still remember how much junk food I had to eat to please this nasty man.

Lots of cheese, bacon, pork, sauces.

He did not like vegetables so I always was eating the same frozen potatoes cooked in the oven with boring and untasty pees.

When I split from him I lived for six months in a shared house in London where I was avoiding the kitchen no to meet the other uninteresting but curious flatmates and the insects going around for their dirty dishes left on the sink for days! 

Therefore I was cooking in my small loft easy staff through a hub I bought on amazon, but again, not too much time for an healthy diet.

When finally arrived at Bristol i found a flat all for me with a nice kitchen.

But still I was tortured by an hard work between London and Bristol and no time to think at my diet.


But one day during the lockdown, I watch inside the fridge and noticed there were no fresh vegetables apart a couple of avocados, three green bananas and 1 apple that I had forgotten probably from the last December.

And during the first stage of the COVID, the supermarkets were assaulted by stupid zombies looking for toilet paper and any kind of food.

The shelves were often empty and very depressing for me to have shopping in that period.

Because of this lack of food, I decided to go back to my old cuisine using healthy but simple ingredients easy to find in the supermarkets because the English are not great consumers of them.

I started to buy tomatoes , tuna cans , yellow, red, green peppers , apricots, grape, cheese , salad, rice, pasta, pizza, cappers! 

You must know that during the day i am always hungry

because i am one of those lucky people with a fast metabolism.


And because of this i was eating lots of chorizo and salami with olives ! 

I must be sincere : 

I am a chorizo addicted!

I did not know chorizo when i arrive in Uk because

in Italy, we sell our traditional products like Salami from Tuscany or Parma ham.

But when i started to work in MacDonalds in London, I met lots of Spanish colleagues and they advised me to have a try with chorizo.

From that moment i developed an addiction to it, increasing the level of my cholesterol!

I have banned any type of fizzy drinks in favour of water during the day and a can of beer in the night! 


Moreover during the COVID, i became very angry with those chinese people who have spread this pandemic for their bad habits to eat poor wild animals, bats included! 

When you are not poor and can find every kind of food in the supermarkets of your country, why are looking for strange , exotic animals to eat ?

Bats for example? 

Why those people are eating bats? 

Bats are dirty and full of bacterias and when you kill them and manage to clean and cook, you have an high percentage of possibility to get an infection.

Human beings can eat meat but we are not rubbish bins.

We have some limit!

And I love animals, 

so I am starting to feel guilty every time I cook a chicken or a pork steak in my pan.

I see the little face of the pig looking at me and saying: why? why me ?

The same for the steak …i see the big eyes of a cow condemning me and saying: because of you I can not eat any more than green and tasty grass in the British countryside! 

I stopped already eating rabbis and lambs many years ago.

There is no need to eat meat honestly .

Everywhere in the world there are plenty of recipes based on 

Soups, pasta, pizza!  Tomatoes and peppers are going very well with rice , pasta, olives , tunas and salmon in the Mediterranean world! 

I love fish but started to reduce the use too due to the pollution of the oceans.


A bit of exercise every day helps.

If the gyms are closed you can go around walking for example.

Especially in British cities, there are amazing parks … so use them to have a walk or a run every single day.

I try to walk every day and my body and mind health is better now.

I have noticed my skin and hair are improved since I take care of my diet.

Another important thing for me is that I am sleeping more in the morning without feeling guilty anymore.

I am not a morning person.

Never been … but in these societies they forced you to be a morning person even if you like the night like a vampire.

I have noticed often people who work early mornings are very snooty towards people who finish working late in the night.

Often the night shitfs are considered less important than the early morning shifts ….why?

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 Now with this coronavirus, i have become the sole trader of my own business and can decide my rhythm.

I am going to sleep no earlier than 1 am ,  and wake up at 10/10.30 am.

I work hard all day … but this late wake up is giving me wellbeing happiness, and a mind and body full of joy and energy.

I really must say that this Pandemic, until now, has changed in better my life and I will try my best no to go back to my previous style.

Be brave , do not listen too much to the news and follow your instinct to live the best life ! 

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