How i can trust these Consumer Review Websites ?? They are based on real reviews ? How they can know the consumer review is real ? Why no a single negative review is accepted for a British modeling website on Trustpilot ?

Here i am this Sunday afternoon trying to increase the public for my artistic work and looking for some modeling websites to join.

A bit confused on the choise , i decide to look around in the web looking for some review and ... 

 The first website appearing on my research is purpleport dot com 

I left the website a couple of years ago because very unhappy for the people met there . 

Why  an housewife who joins that website is allowed to advertise herself in her new profile  as professional model ? How it is possible that the same housewife can ask in her castings advertised through the website £ 30/40/50  per hour to work in her own house or in hotel rooms or in studio sheds ?? 

Well guys i am confused , but  optimistic .. maybe the rules inside the website are changed in the last couple of years and now we can work finally with professional people ..' never say never 'said my father  .

So i arrive to a website called Trustpilot a consumer review website of Denmark

And on Trustpilot i finally find the attended reviews on Purpleport 

Everyhting seems good 

5 stars !! wow ! outstanding ! 

But my expert eyes quite soon  start to read  when all these 5 star   reviews were  written  ? 

Well guys ..i find the thing quite strange 

All 5 stars reviews are written  in the same days or consecutive days ? 

I am not suspicious ..I trust Trustpilot 

But why all these reviews written in the same days ???

And who wrote these reviews ? 

My eyes see that those people have written  only a review on trustpilot  and it is for purpleport

Someone told them to write a 5 stars feedback maybe  ? why ?? 

On Purpleport there are forums and groups and some people are very active there 

More gossip than photography 

Maybe someone of the admins suggested their subscribers to go on trustpilot and write their 5 stars comment ???? 

It should not be  like this on the consumer reviews websites.

They should   help people to choose the right service and company .

And what a  surprise !!  

 When again I look at the website  , i discover  the only two negative reviews have been canceled because purpleport  does not mention a buying or service experience ..

Two reviews  are considered against the rules of Trustpilot ?

Why ?  having  a negative opinion on purpleport is illegal in this country ? why ? 

Uhm.. so all the housewives and pensioners who advertise their high rates through profiles and castings using  purpleport are not a buying experience?? 

Well is true .. No a single payment happens through Purpleport but these people sell themselves through the website and arrange photoshoots through the website and are paid outside the website 

How they are paid ? cash ? coins ? gold ? silver ? services ? bank account ? paypal ?

And there is a contract of work behind these paid photoshoots confirmed through this modeling website ?

I am really confused my research carries on  

So i arrive to  check some profile of unknown models on purpleport 

Everyone can read these profiles because there is not protection at the eyes of the public 

Included children ???? ohh nooooo this is bad 

It means a kid can read that a woman can ask £50 per hour to do a fetish  photoshoot ? 

This kid could advise her mum to join the website so she can bring him to Disneyworld next Summer with the earning thanks to this strange new work ??

Anyway i write here on my blog  what i see in a profile of an unknown  model living in Wiltshire 

And she is just an example 

She writes : 

Rates and levels:
The rates below are for one-to one non commercial bookings, please contact me with regards to other types of shoots.

Beauty, Fashion, nude and ´╗┐erotica - £40ph, £150 for a half day.

Open leg, and fetish - £60ph, £200 for a half day.

Toys and hard girl/girl - £70ph, £300 for a half day.

Minimum shoot length of 2 hours.

Home shoots

So ??? It seems people  buy a service through purpleport ? 

But on Trustpilot it is written that Purpleport  does not mention a buying or service experience 

Uhmm confusing !! 

Anyway after a small research on my laptop appears another website with a few reviews on purpleport 

But these time everything is completely different 

It is called Sitejabber 

The overview on purpleport is just only 1.71 star !!!! and it appears that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases 

I start to read the revies on these webiste and i am horrified 

Someone writes that the website allows for hatred towards different social groups ! 

Another one writes :

Was good , but there is religious intolerance among members , unchallenged which spoilt it 

Honestly during my discovery of  Purpleport as an external member ( it means i saw everything without log in because i do not have a profile there ) i saw pictures showing  a Christian cross and naked models playing with it .. and the models seemed quite happy to play with the cross ... uhmm ..i find everything very upsetting 

But i come from Italy and even if i am not a bigot i am upset when i see religious objects used with irreverence and disrespect 

But Why on purpleport these pictures are accepted ??? 

Why these pictures can be seen when you do not have a profile there ? and even if you have a profile , why people upload such pictures ?People die for their religious faith but nobody cares there 

Anyway i carry on with my research and discover that the companies pay Trustpilot for their space on the website 

So maybe Trustpilot is trying  to do a good job with whom paid people working there  ? 

I am not sure what to do 

I must trust Trustpilot with  purpleport rated 5 stars by people who have never written a review before and all together put their comments in the same days ? and no a single negative review ??? uhm a bit dictatorial ??

Or i trust Sitejabber where people do not pay the service and everyone is free to write an opinion to improve   the community 

Maybe after my blog is published today ,  all the negative reviews on sitejabber will be deleted , lol !! 

A last thing

Someone called Steve G. wrote  two positive reviews on sitejabber for purpleport  .. it is allowed ? and why ? who is really this Steve G .?  he wanted to increase maybe the negative rate?? 

And the same Steve G is the last one to write a positive review on truspilot about purpleport  

Maybe this Steve G is an admin of purpleport ? paid to do his work there ?

So guys .. do you know what i do ?

I am totally confused and decide no to join any single modeling website 

I prefer to deal only with professional people , casting agencies , professional studios and modeling agencies 

I know .. i could be rich .. nowadays is so rare to find a job where you are paid up to £50 per hour to show a pair of flat tits in your home ... but l prefer my way 

My way like the song of Frank Sinatra , lol 

Thanks for reading 

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