How to have back your life after an abusive relationship !

How to have back your life after an abusive relationship!

You must be the captain of your life again !!

Here I am again talking about my experience as an abused woman in a long relationship. He was abusing me emotionally.

That torture is invisible in the eyes of the other people and quite often nobody believes you if you are trying to explain the truth.

The abusive man is normally a narcissist and is very clever in acting.

You felt in love with the best side of him but he has a real dark side.

He likes to use his dark side to make you feel bad.

He is insecure and unhappy and he wants to destroy your life using all the strategies your heart in love put in his dirty hands. 

He is happy when he sees you crying or suffering panic attacks.

Everything is done to hurt you.

I know .. until the end you think it is just a moment!

I did that mistake for three long years giving him all the time a new possibility

I had lost confidence in myself!

I believed my life was finished if I was losing him.

What a fool I was!

But this is part of an emotional abusive game.

So now I am here on my blog to talk about the strategies to come back.

At least the strategies I used to have my life back without spending money on pills and doctors.

You need to follow a discipline.

A discipline that comes from the inside of your body.

First of all cut any contact with the man who is trying to kill you .

Once you go through that door, never look back !!

Your life is back and you now are free!

Our from that dark prison where you were living for a mistake.

Your mistake was that of loving the wrong man!

Find a new place to live, find a new job if you do not like what you are doing.

Meet new people. 

I joined several Meetup groups and if was great in meeting so many lovely people.

I started hicking on Sundays or Saturdays.

I went to some international groups and carry on to paint my acrylics artwork.

In May I decided to leave London for a safer and quieter city.

I decided Bristol and in June I was finally in my new flat sharing my life with new friends and doing new amazing work.

Sometimes I go back to the capital but less and less enthusiast of that.

You need to take care of your body too.

At the end of an abusive relationship, you are a disaster.

You do not look at you like a Queen ( click here to order on ) .

You think to be a disaster because the bastard continuously was telling you how ugly and stupid are.

So change the colours of your hair, find a new cut and new dresses.

I use olia garnier , for example ( click here to order on

You need a bit of makeup too.

A lipstick and a bit of eyeliner can do miracles.

Miracles of self-discipline, love and self-respect

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