How you can have back your life after a relationship with an abusive partner

When you spend  years of your life completed isolated  far from  friends and family members in an foreign country , is not easy to get the life back . But when you finally open the eyes and see the wicked man sleeping in your bed who abused you emotionally and stole your dignity , your body and lots of  money ., run aways as far as you can !!

Well , guys , this happened to me and i am here to tell my story and how i have my life back 


First of all no contact 

Try to avoid any form of contact with him or her 

He/she  will be always around spying your work , trying to block your fb page or other social media 

The last episode this evening  when fb has deleted two of my swimdom island short stories

Fb is shit and seem supporting abusers , cheaters , liars and perverts 

I do not use fb . I use my page 

i just publish my posts from instagram and my short stories 

My stories  are everywhere and tonight i have decided to upload also in my websites 

Please follow me if you can 

My stories  are based on creativity and fantasy 

Stories of purple pigs , old turtles, the fat warthog glutton of carrots and  rips , greedy magpie, black  snooty chickens , the  liar babuin and the pervert chicken turtle couple owners of a brothel on the island 

well , the  man who brought me almost to kill myself , suggesting me to use an overdose of heroin instead of paracetamol ,  is trying to stop me in saying the truth 

What is worser , he is not working but  helped by some wicked  people of swindon 

The big brother  has been alerted so any thing happend to me , they know where to go 

they are all day there spying my social medias and real life 

Anyway i am not stopped by that rat 

I have done a massive work inside me to recreate a new life 

I left London for a smaller and quieter city , called Bristol 

Bristol is  very nice and people are very friendly 

The city is very active for cultural events but often  I am in need to go back to London where i lived for 8 long years 

London is gorgeous and i charge my bacteries everytime i go there 

Sometimes i stay there a single day or a couple of days

Usually i book a bedroom for just 19 pound through a famous website or sleep in houses of friends 

Traveling from Bristol to London by train can be very expensive , but by coach you can pay just 11 pound a return ticket

So my life is in between Bristol and London giving me lots of creativity and energy 

One important thing to come out from an emotionaL abusive relationship is a new circle of friends

Keep the old friends , if  they are around you , but try to have new relationships to share ideas and experiences 

Do not run immediately in the arms of a new lover

First of all you must appreciate yourself again 

Cut  your hair , choose a new color , do extreme sports , go running or hiking or swimming 

Go out in the evening and join some dating websites 

But be careful on these dating websites because there are lots of  scams and perverts 

The best things is meeting people in the real world doing new experienceS

It is hard at the beginning because the bastard  has taken the best from you 

But you need to see the beauty in yourself  and in the others 

you must love you first of all 

After that,  you will find very easy to love the other people 

Do not judge very easily people but stay away from those who brought pain and gossips in your life 

you dont need shit in your life 

I have noticed if you are optimistic and positive , the negative people run away from you 

Change work if you are not happy 

Money are not everything 

If you can,  have fun with someone sometimes but respect him or her 

Tell always the truth and your feelings towards him or her 

Do not be a wicked and liar person like that who almost ruin your life 

Do not spend too much time on these social medias 

People think i stay a lot of time on fb and instagram , but it is a lie 

I upload my pictures or posts and run away 

Rarely i put a comment and i like on other profile because honestly i do not have time 

I love painting and writing 

they are my therapy and it is pretty annoying to see  how the man who abused me is tryingto ruin my creativity and reputation 

But our life is a KARMA 

he gets  what he looks for 

He is very unpopular , unhappy , sick , ugly and can t find a proper person who loves him apart his money ( the money stolen to me and the debts in his accounts ) 

Thanks for reading 


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