Ideas to survive at home during this coronavirus

Guys !! 

I have enough to listen only news about Coronavirus !!

First of all  these  news should be presented a bit less dramatically  

It is ok to know the truth but the tone of the journalists is  similar to a panic attack and people are deeply affected and frightened  

You switch on  BBC  and everything is concentrated on coronavirus 

Someone of BBC had the brilliant idea to broadcast an old episode about the flu who killed 5 million of people in the late 20s 

Really !?? how  all of this can help people ???

People are at home with kids and BBC should share programs for families outside the news 

Broadcasting  episodes on art, painting , cooking , aerobic and exercizes to do at home

They should organise a sort of watch parties to make people feel less alone 

At the moment just  single people use their creativity to involve other people in their projects 

Then the information on our  Weather should be stopped in this period

All the world know how British people are fixed on the weather but now it does not help people knowing the weather outside   is great and we must stay at home


Once we have understood there is no way to go out for the next few months we must start to find an alternative no to get crazy 

I personally have decided to do some research around ,trying no to go back at the same  life once the crisis is finished 

I like to be an artist but i am a bit annoyed to travel quite every week to the capital 

And i love writing 

So what else i could do ? Obviously writing in my blog using my great website 

I joined my website last year when my ex , a wicked and malicious man from Swindon , reported my pictures done with him and uploaded on my old website 

These pictures were legal but he denounced me to go against the copyright

The website contacted me asking  to show the proof  i was right 

But i had to show  my address ..and you know ..when you escape an abusive man it is always better to keep secret  your address...and honestly i was not using that website at all 

Too much complicated to build !

So i asked the old website to forget me and started to look around for a new one 

And unblievable 

I arrived at this platform called site123 

And in less than 2 hours i had built my new brilliant website 

i am not an expert of internet and still now i get a bit confused talking about plug in and java script 

But you have a team of experts ready to give advice most of the time ( click here to have an idea ) 

Another idea is becoming an influencer 

I have just started now so i am not ready to write something towards this project 

But i am becoming day after day appasionate towards this  area and i hope it  becomes a full time work 

Moreover i have opened a youtube channel where i will advertise my paintings , amazon products , and drawing sessions 

You can have a look of my painting also on the shop page of this website 

Another thing i have decided to do is posing for my artists 

Someone from London is still asking modey to stream their body online 

But honestly in this period,  i am not feeling ready to ask money to sit in silence and watch a wall 

When you are in the standard world of art , this is fine 

But my sessions are done to keep me busy and feel myself usefull for other people

So i prefer to do everything free

Some of my artists  wants to leave a donation for my time spent in modeling 

I am not happy but they insist and so this is my paypal 


Before the pandemic i  bought  some colours , canvas and brushes and so from tomorrow i will dedicate some hours of my life   at this other passion 

Obviosuly our bodies need a bit of movement but the governmet ask us to stay at home 

We need a bit of fresh air and sun on our skin

Especially after a cold winter 

So i suggest to go early morning or late evening just before the sunset if you live in a big city like me 

Protect you skin from the sun because it starts to be strong 

Amazon Brand- Solimo - SUN - Sun Cream Face Protection, SPF 50+, with Vitamin E, antioxidant (4x50 ml) ( click here to order on uk )

And a good pair of sunglasses 

Versace Women's Medusa Aviator Sunglasses ( click here to order on

It is better because less people around 

Remember anyway to stay 2 mts away when you meet someone  

and do not go for a short walk or a run  trying to meet  friends  !!!

This is not allowed and is really selfish for the other people and for NHS people who are risking their life for us 

It is Spring !! So let us thing at new outfits 

 I have looked into my wardrobe and ?? oh my God !! 

Too many old outfits and shoes 

So now it is the moment to have a look on Amazon and order some new staff 

In particular i love hiking and my trainers and jackets are very old 

So after a research on Amazon i have decided to order these two items 

New Balance Women's 624v5' Cross Trainer ( click here to order on  )

Shoes for women ( click here to order on )

GAODI Women Waist Trainer Vest Slim Corset Neoprene Sauna Tank Top Zipper Weight Loss Body Shaper Shirt ( click here to order on Amazon .com ) 

BALEAF Women's Active Yoga Sweatpants Workout Joggers Pants Cotton Lounge Sweat Pants with Pockets ( click here to order on )

I am not passionate in cooking but have decided to prepare my lasagne and 

I will have on my table for a couple of days !! All for me !!

And in the evening ?? 

What can i do ?

Well first of all i signed with Amazon prime 

So lots of Prime tv to watch every night 

Amazon prime video ( click here to order )

But also a book can help and these will be soon ordered 

In the end even if we have changed our life  , if our health is not affected by the virus,  there is no reason to be so scary 

There is lots of doubts  on our works 

But it is a common thing and i am sure the government will find a solution for all of us 

Just give them time to find these solutions 

Meantime stay safe and optimistic and enjoy your home !!

Thanks for reading 

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