It is not Romantic living full time as a cruiser on a narrow boat in London

Here a video about my experience as cruiser on my   narrow boat ( click here to order with Amazon ) for two years along the London canals 

Still now people buy narrow boats thinking is cheap and romantic

This is a lie 

if you want electricity in your boat , you must run your engine 

f you want how water you must run the engine 

But if you arrive at 10 pm in your boat you can not run your engine because the other boaters next to you are sleeping ! So be ready to washyour face with cold water ! 

If you arrive in the evening after a day at work you find a freezer and no a boat 

You need an hour before the coal start to create a decent temperature 

You must be a sort of hippy , an adventurer or better a Pirate ! ( click here to order on Amazon )

Here a picture of my boat called Summer Place built in 1988 

I did lots of DIY works to have a nice modern  comfortable boat 

Big mistake !!

If you are a cruiser you must be ready to incidents , unexpected expenses, cold , snow and rain on your body when you are cruising because River trust will  torture you all the time if you do not respect their 21 miles per year 

If you look for a mooring in London ? Good luck 

You can find something cheaper outside London for £6000 per year 

Inside London you must be ready to pay around £12.0000/14.000 per year plus the expenses to maintain the vessel like pump out , diesel , wood and coals 

It is considered cool having a boat in London now and obviosuly you must pay also the rent of a piece of water in capital a lot of pounds 

Obviously River Trust does not complain with the greedy aspect of the marinas but torture boaters with the count of the miles 

There are also positive aspects anyway 

The community of boaters is friendly and ready to help 

A big thank you to the team of River Rescue Canal and at the marina in Northolt who helped me in very hard moments ! 

The nature , alos inside the big smoke , is super and you can have your breakfast shared with a  beautiful swan 

Remember to have all your  tools   ( click here to order on Amazon )  on the boat for any emergency at any time of the day and of the night 

In my video i talk about all the problems a single woman can have during this experience 


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