Joined onlyfans and opened 6 e-commerce shops online

Just 2 days ago I joined 

At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about the website because many people connected at the weird purpleport dot com  use the  platform for their adult work .

But then i saw lots of people are using this website  like Fb or a sort of blog  .

So i decided to use the platform to upload these youtube  videos , talking about my artistic work, giving advice and uploading my artistic pictures .

 Exclusive pictures that can not be on the normal social media for the nipples rules ,   but surely artistic and nice . 

Moreover, i am printing my artworks on patterns creating  outfits to sell on my 6 shops 

 My life is very busy .

Still, lots to do but a very nice new life  I like working from home.  I am working hard ..also 10 hours a day but i am doing what i love more   feeling motivated

You need to work hard trying to find the best ideas to beknown in the world

i never belive at the words of those Ads on youtube where people declare to have earnt 5 zero income after 1 month 

 this is not possible ! 

for my shops one is

Thank you for your support 

Love you 

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