Living in London as life model

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A new life as life model 
I have always loved to work for art and thanks at my life in London my passion has been transformed in an honest and professional work
Before working as life model , i joined a modeling website called purpleport thinking to find professional people to share my passion for modeling and photography
Unfortunately after a few months i realized that in that website most of the people were lying on their professionalism and skills . I discovered housewives declaring to be professional fashion models for a couple of shoots in the countryside with pensioners who declared to be professional photographers !!!
Practically a tower of Babel based on liars and unskilled people interested more on porn staff than real photography paid cash in hands .
So i started to look around in London , in particular in Institutes of Art and Art centres asking if they were looking for a model .

A friend of mine advised me to join a website called Modelreg or Ram .
I was a bit sceptical after the experience with purpleport but he reassured me that Ram was totally different and its work was based on real artists and art
My first audition as life model 
So i joined the website and i did my first audition
Still now i remember my anxiety of that audition
It is not easy at the beginning to pose all naked in front of people you have never met
Moreover i was coming from a bad experience of trash art where the only interest was the sexual aspect of my naked body with no connection with art
Instead when i was posing as life model in the middle of the room i could see the interest of these real artists towards the human shape of my body and their drawings on paper
I was so happy about their enthusiasm for art and respectful behavior that i decided to dedicate part of my life at this great work started to look around and lots of sessions were confirmed in less than 2 weeks
I could not believe how people were happy with my poses
I started to study in photographic studios my body , playing with my legs , arms and hands in front to the mirrorI asked a professional photographer to come with me to take pictures while is was posing and dancing , so i really could share on these social medias my work
In seven years of life modeling i have never found a negative artist or colleague met instead so fantastic people who supported me and suggested to start to draw or painting
At the beginning i did not believe to be able to paint

I have never thought to be able to do a nice work with a brush in my hands
But i followed the advice of some brilliant tutor and now i am here !!!
The art that is in me 
In the next three weeks i will have my first open studios in London and Swindon
I cant await for those moments
Probably i will not sell anything but i am there with other great artists sharing important artistic events