Livorno is a sunny city on the Mediterranean sea , perfect for a city break

Livorno a perfect place for a city break 

Livorno is a city 20 kms next to his sister Pisa 

Everyone knows Pisa for its tower but Livorno , even if less famous , can be a good solution for a city break 

So i am here to give you some informations in case you decide to take a flight and spend a week around Livorno and the beautiful coast 

Pisa is the nearest airport  and you can travel easily to Livorno  renting a car ( in less than 30 minutes ) or by train 

If you prefer a taxi , a run costs around £50 

Livorno is an harbour and from its harbour many ferries are going to the famous Sardinia and Corsica islands 

In  a few hours you can arrive in those beautiful islands and enjoy an holiday next to one of the best sea in the world ( in August , Sardinia is very expensive and crowded and you need to wake up very early if you want to find a good spot in the golden sand  ) 

But why do not spend a couple of days exploring the old town , its fish  market,  its Museo Fattori and the coast  of Livorno before going to Sardinia ?


The old town centre is called Venezia because of its canals 

There are no important rivers in Livorno 

The water in the canals arrive from the sea 

In Summer , in this part of the city  is  organised a festival  called Effetto Venezia dedicated to theatre , music, solidarity  and art .

Vere suggestive and for this attracting many people from the nearest cities 

There are good restaurants in Livorno known for their    receipts   ( click here to order on        based on fish or local products ( click here to order on Amazon )

'Il Cacciucco'  for instance is a fish soup flavoured with origan , herbs and garlic and i advice to try 

Another recipe is called Triglie alla Livornese 

In Livorno there are not important museums even if it was the hometown of famous artists like Amedeo Modigliani and Pietro Mascagni 

Anyway  the council  is  trying the best to improve the tourism in the city organizing important exhibitions 

For instance last December i could visit in the new  Bottini dell ' Olio galleries an important exhibition on Amedeo Modigliani 

In the centre of the city there is a famous market that i advise to visit especially early morning if you want to buy fresh and tasty fish , fruit and vegetables 

If the weather is nice also a walk along the coast can be relaxing and nice 

There is an important place called Terrazza Mascagni dedicated at the famous composer and musician Pietro Mascagni , author of The Cavalleria Rusticana 

During the sunny days people from Livorno called Livornesi gather around this area to relax and enjoy the view of the beautiful sea with their friends ( click here to order on ) 

 During summer , people are used to go to resorts called bagni like Bagni Pancaldi , Bagni Fiume or Bagni Peiani 

People pay a subscription and are free all the summer long to go there and enjoy the life next to the sea

In my view a good place for familes and people who love crowded and noisy places 

Personally i prefer enjoying  the sun in isolated places , like  Calignaia or Calafuria .

Obviously in Summer also these locations can be very crowded ( especially during the week ends ) so i advice to go very early in the morning or after 5 pm when people start to go home .

On week ends It can be difficult to park you car , so many people use their vespas or motorbikes to go to the seaside .

In fact Livorno is the city with the highest numer of registered motorbikes in Italy but many people still now do not use the helmet as requested by the law becuase in Summer they love running around with their vespa enjoying the wind in their hair after a long day under the hot sun .

If you have a few days i advice to visit locations called  Castiglioncello , Bolgheri or the medieval  Volterra

In Livorno there are several hotels , BB and now airbnb solutions

So , when this coronavirus finally finishes , consider this sunny  place for your next  city break


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