May 2020 is the month of love , flowers and of a new happy life !

May is the month of beautiful flowers here in Bristol and during this lockdown, I have always tried to find an hour or two a day to go around to take pictures at those colourful creatures in the area where I live.

In London, I had never enough time to dedicate myself at the hunt of the best flowers and when I was living in Wiltshire with the abusive partner i was considered an idiot by him when I said I love flowers.

But finally, I am in this beautiful city called Bristol and due to the Covid-19 have plenty of time for myself.

I am not that kind of person who spends her time to complain to be fat  because watching tv, eating tons of crisps and drinking wine 8 hours a day since last March.

OK … I pay my TV licence but I do not have a tv.

I am an idiot ? Maybe,  because I have seen lots of people are not paying the licence even if they watch the BBC … very clever they are!

But I am an honest Italian with a British citizenship and I do not want to pay a fine for just 12 pounds per month…  and honestly, I like sometimes watching my tv series on my Xidu laptop without anxiety to be fined.

So ... what i was saying ?? 

 I am a work addicted and always think at new projects .

My mind never stopped to work and my eyes are curious like those of a kid and watching TV is a lost of time in my view !

 I really love my new work because I can sleep until 10.30 am in the morning without feeling guilty !!! and I can go sleeping at 2 am like a vampire... and work with my creativity without taking directions by boring and  useless managers with half of my age ! lol ! 

one of my creation on 

What I am saying ??? My new work? yea it is is a sort of experiment… I have suspended at the moment ( and hope forever ) part of my shitty works with agencies who were hiring me to work as a promo model or brand ambassador.

Then , if i await for the benefits of Boris Johson i can become an homeless or even a night walker because his team seems to find any excuse no to pay honest workers of the island ! lol ! 

Have enough of that shit and hope my e- commerce shops are going well.

My bikini inspired by one of my artworks sold today can be found on

I am importing products from China to export everywhere in the world including the country of Donald Trump! lol ! ( lol is an expression used to express fun ! i had to ask to a colleague of mine in Macdonalds when i arrived in this country the meaning because  I can not find in no dictionary  ! lol ) 

I have started to sell these products already and can be quite happy considered the period of a pandemic. 


But I need to find a niche.

I want to become a recognised stylist for my artistic Italian side.

For this, I have started to print my artwork on cloths, cups, trousers, pillows, swimsuits, t-shirts.

People like my design but still they do not buy them as i would ! 

Just a couple of products were sold in the last two weeks.

Probably I need to find a famous influencer to advertise my work.

Surely I will ask to the mythic Italian Claudia Ferragni to help me in my way towards the top ! 

Like the song of the AC/DC  : ‘ it is a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll ! ‘ even if i do not play  rock n roll , lol 😂 !


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