My E-commerce business is finally started !

Hi Guys , 

i am here again 

but no to give advices in opening shops online !

There are so many people around already doing this work .

Maybe in a couple of months i will start to teach  what i learnt in these two months of hard work , but now it is too early and no time in writing a book on this subject .

I just advice to be carefull in following ads and webinars because often people are not saying nothing special  until you pay lots of money to  buy their course or book .

One guy  is arriving to ask more than 1000 dollars  to explain he sells his  products like  a Macdonald 's shop ! Quite hylarious ! 

Well... i could write an Enciclopedia then with all the experience i gained working in the company ( Macdonalds )for 6 long years !!

Anyway  here i am with my great announcement !!

Finally my shops  are opened and working 24 hours , 7 days a week , 365 days a year !!! 

2 shops on Ebay 

1 shop on shopify 

1 shop on this website 

And tomorrow i open a shop on Etsy

I will try to sell products inspired by my artworks


I am creating  a personalised collection to sell worldwide. 

 I am working with serious companies , so no surprises once you have paid for your product .


Anyway i am applying the standar rules for a 30 days of return and the payment are through paypal .

If you  look for something more personalised , please send me here a mail and i will answer soon as i can . 

Some pictures of the products  on my 

i am not using messenger ! Messenger is just a free dating website ! Ridiculous ! 

Stay safe and thanks for subscribing at my youtube channel and  blog

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