My new beautiful life in Bristol to find the bravery to rebuild totally your life to escape an abusive man

Good evening 

and thanks for reading my new story  

i am so excited to write for the first time on my new blog

I have left the old one called for this one 

It is much easier and i have lots of stories to share with you

Lots of people are asking me why after 8 years in London i have decided to arrive to this beautiful city called Bristol in the south west of England 

It is a long story but i will try to  describe this choice quite quickly 

In the last three years i was living between London on my narrow boat and in Wiltshire near Marlborough with my ex 

I believed to have found the man of my life and invested  lots of energies and patience in this relationship 

But unfortunately he was not what i thought ... just after leaving my bedroom in wood green/ london  to live more between  him and  my new narrow boat , the emotional abuses started ..still now i remember when he was shouting : go away , f@cking b@tch ..go to your fuc@ing  boat  .. it is over ! i put all your staff in my black rubbish bags and bring it  to your fuc@ing boat .. and for what ? he had to talk hours by phone with his dirty and weird  faked female friends of the countryside just to play the game with me  ! 

He was really negative but i  tried to suffer all the pain justifying him every time 

He had brainwashed me and i was denying the reality trying to love a monster 

Never  , i say , never he told me sorry in three years of our devastating relationship 

Anyway  last December i found the strength to stop all these abuses and left him 

It was not easy 

I had to pay the rent 6 months in advance to have a decent flat in London and found myself for one month with only 600 pound on my account 

But i was free and my life was going to restart 

I was feeling like a soldier after a terrible war ..i had anxiety and panic attacks..i could not sleep and thought to have a cancer and a problem in my heart 

Fortunately after 1 month of severe health checks with my doctor , everything seemed fine and i could restart to do my walks on the hills around London 

During those walks i started to think that i did not like that countryside around London 

I was missing my Wiltshire and the beautiful shades of green around the house where i was living 

i was missing the south west of England 

Probably  i have never felt happy in London...too big and i was feeling  more a cash machine than a person 

So i thought to move the beginning i was thinking to leave London after the summer ..but one day a little kid of just 12 years old was attacked with a knife  in front of my home in South Ruislip 

In that moment i told myself : Laura you must go away from London !!

Two weeks later i came to BRISTOL AND FOUND A JOB I LOVE SO MUCH 

In less than two  month  i found a nice flat in a nice area of central Bristol and in June i moved to the new city 

I was expecting a nice city but what i am discovering now is a sort of beautiful Mediterranean city on a lake 

People are so relaxed and kind and it is a pleasure to enjoy the city especially if you love the night like a vampire 

I am not a morning person !!

I have rebuilt my life at 50 years old ! 

No a single relationship  in my life since last December 

I was not single for so long since i was 18 years old but i enjoy the sense of freedom 

But Lots of adorable new friends and colleagues 

A great work with tourists and planning to find a studio where i can go and painting my abstracts full time 

Already part of an exhibition in a central gallery of the city and looking around for other cultural events

Bristol is like a small London many cultural events and art 

I do not know if will stay here forever , but at the moment i am enjoying this experience and rebuilding my new life at 50 years old 

Never is impossible if you believe in yourself !