Panzanella , an easy but healthy recipe from Tuscany to eat during this lockdown .

Here it is a recipe from Tuscany called Panzanella 

It is very easy to prepare , healthy and cheap .

This dish was prepared by the farmers working all days long in the countryside and once at home wanted  something fresh and genuine in their dishes .

I usually advice to prepare this delicious Panzanella in Spring or Summer time .

There are different variations but i will present the traditional one .

In my video there are no onions because i have an allergy .. anyway  a red onion cut in slices is part of the recipe .

In the traditional recipe i use bread from Tuscany .

But here in UK the only type of bread i found quite similar is this uploaded in my picture 

Maybe a type of bread called Ciabatta is better but in this period of lockdown is quite hard to find it .

Cut the bread in slices and add 250 gr of water on it and leave for 40 minutes .

Then cut 4 red tomatoes in cubes  , a pealed  cucumber , and 10 leaves of basil cut in small pieces and put them in a bowl .

Add 2 spoons of white vinegar , olive oil extravergine , pepper and salt. 

I did not find white vinegar and using balsamic vinegar .

In this case you need to consider the quantity because has a strong flavour .

After 40 minutes you take your bread and start to break in small pieces adding the vegetables 

Add again a bit of olive oil , vinegar , salt and pepper and leave your recipe in the fridge for a couple of hoursbefore being served. 

Someone prefers adding a boiled egg or a can of natural tuna .

It is up to you  , but please do not add any pieces of bacon .

After that ??? Buon appetito !!!

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