Sitting pose 30 minutes long on my youtube channel

Hi guys ,

during this terrible moments we must be optimistic and keep our minds busy 

I know it is not always easy when you listen to the news but at least we must try 

So what else i could do apart writing  on my loved blog or painting ??

Of couse !!!  Modeling !!!

Until 2 weeks ago i was busy going around Bristol, Bath and London for amazing artists 

 I think this aspect of my life will change forever after the coronavirus pandemic if i survive

Sometimes when we are forced for long periods to change our life , when we come back to the normality , we are no more the same   

But now everything is stopped and everyone is at home 

So let us start to think to keep my days busy or better superbusy !!

I did a couple of streaming drawing sessions 

on  FB LIVE VIDEOS and worked well 

The same on instagram 

But i can not  live all the time on these social medias 

So why do not upload on youtube channel a long pose 

And yea 

today a new project is started 

I will upload different poses in these days 

I will not ask any money 

Just to subscribe my channel if you like 

Some of my followers ( 15.000 !! oh my God and the number is increasing )want to leave a donation 

they did before for some picture of mine while  going around like a giantess !! lol 

I told them i do not want this money but they insist 

So this is my paypal :

But really i am not  here asking money 

i am here to pose for our art family during these moments 

In the future I will upload also longer or shorter poses for all of you 

But do not forget to buy paper , chaorcal and  colours 

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Thanks for reading 

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