Spending my Sunday afternoon cooking lasagne

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How spending my Sunday afternoon at home in this period of Coronavirus ?

Cooking !!

In my case cooking lasagne !

I am always in a hurry during my normal life  for my works around London , Bristol and Bath 

But in this period plenty of time to meditate, relax and why no , cooking !

So after a  quick visit to the local supermarket , i am ready to prepare my lasagne 

If you are not sure i suggest a good book of recipes 

I suggest this one for my Italian readers Le ricette regionali italiane ( click here to order on Amazon ) 

First of thing you need a good ragu'

Than a cheese sauce called in Italian besciamella 


And obviously Lasagne

I am here starting to prepare my ragu ' based on garlic , onion , chopped meat , a bit of parsley and origan 

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 Also a video of me explaining how to prepare my lasagne 

Buon Appetito !!! 

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