Stalkers and Spies out of my life ...thank you !

Hi guys 

i have lots of fans following me regularly through this website and contacting me though private messages to buy services , painting or items in my several shops .

thank you very much for your support 

As you know , i have worked hard in these 3 months to understand  computers and their rules , also to protect my privacy and personal security .

I have noticed a few contacts are regularly spying my pages and i have the possibility to read IP and location and server used .

For instance a person  using firefox is reading my pages for more than 25 minutes every single day .  This person could be the same one who annoyed me a few weeks ago using a different  location .

When you use a computer you leave a trace ... you are not invisible for people who know how to use it legally !

I hate spies and any mistake like trying to get in contact with me through faked profiles in other platforms  will be reported to the authority ( already adviced ) as stalking .

Have a good day 

* The email will not be published on the website.