The secrets of a good Italian pasta with tuna sauce .

Here I am again trying to explain how easy is cooking Italian pasta and healthy if you respect just a few rules. 

I  can prepare my pasta in less than 10 minutes and no too many calories in my belly. 

First rule:  do not cook too much your pasta otherwise becomes a sort of glue. 

Add salt to the water when it is boiling. 

Please do not exaggerate with salt because it is already inside the pasta and the sauce you are using on top of your pasta.

 Here in Europe, people use too much salt .

I still remember when i was working in MacDonalds I saw people adding salt on the already salted fries !!!  Salt is not good for your health. It increases your blood pressure and can bring lots of problems. 

 For the tuna sauce. 

Remember to use natural tuna because you will reduce lots of calories in your pasta.  

100 gr of pasta is enough for a person  If you find fresh basil to add on the top of your pasta before starting to eat is even better.

 Italian recipes are easy and tasty I prepared mine in less than 10 minutes!  

So guys .... Buon Appetito !!!

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