The travel agent is back on

Well guys 

I worked for 20 years  in a travel agency in Italy creating trips in Italy and around the world ( click here to order on Amazon ) 

Moreover i was selling trips of the best Italian tour operators and most of the time i was the tour leader of my groups 

Where i went ? 

Apart Italy , i visited most of the countries in Europe , Tunisia  , Jordan , Kenya , Tanzania , China , Australia , Usa , Mexico , Caribbean , Argentina , Egypt 

I decided to come in Uk because of my bachelor degree with honor in foreign languages and have been always affascinated by the British culture 

I have lived here for 9 years and still work as tour guide in  London , Somerset and starting now in Bristol

I love this work and now i have decided to use my blog to share my passion and high knowledge of the world

I love different cultures and traditions and for me the borders are only on the maps 

In my pages there are also some links that bring you to the product i am promoting or advicing around the world ( everything is legit and respecting the rules of the affiliation programs ) 

So , thank you for reading my blog and let us start to travel (click here to order on

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