Traveling from Bristol to London saving money

London !!! The capital of the United Kingdom

In London you can meet everything you wish 

London is amazing 

if you get bored of London , you are bored  of your life 

How many times we have heard these sentences in our lives ? 

A lot ! or better too many for what London has really to offer to people 

London is a nice capital compared to many others in the rest of the world 

London is perfect for a touristic tour 

But in London there are so many problems when you decide to live  full time 

I lived in the capital for 8 long years from Crystal palace in the south east , to Wood green in  the north ... and from the north to the west going around with my narrow boat , until my last six month in South Ruislip  (considered still London even if in zone 5 )

London is a very big city , divided in several  zones going from 1 to 9 

I have lived my last 6 months in South Ruislip and  it is very expensive to commute to the center 

Almost 300 pound were going out from my pockets every month 

Without considering the time lost on the trains 

Do you know how many hours i was loosing every single day to commute to central London for work ? 3 hours !! and sometimes 4 !!! 

I had to travel in between the zones to respect several appointments of work and it was very annoying to loose all that time of my life commuting

So , one day i decided to leave London for a smaller city called  Bristol

Why Bristol ?

Bristol is a nice city in the south west of England , no too far from the ocean ( i love the sea ) and a beautiful country side 

Bristol is full of history ,tourists and art  

It is a vibrant city ; in my view like a small London ...and first of all Bristol is cheaper than London !!

In Bristol, for example, i have found a flat where i pay exactly half of the money in London and i have a kitchen and a bathroom for myself !

Guys , i can assure you that sharing an house with other people can be very hard .

I tried , but i must admit is not for me 

I hate to find piles of dirty dishes in the sink or queuing to go to the toilet ( especially in the morning when i am in an hurry to go working ) 

I hate listening to the music of my flatmates , or their  farts or their moaning when having sex .

I hate sitting in the toilet and discovering that the toilet bowl is dirty or warmed by the bum of the previous flatmate.

At 50 years old i want my privacy and my habits must be respect !!!

So in Bristol i have found the house of my dreams

It is still small but is ok for my start  in a new city .


And what i discovered once i arrived in Bristol ? The western railway is one of the most expensive in Uk and in the world !

You can arrive to pay a return ticket to London £ 210 

it is too much !! come on guys !!! £210 can be earn in a week by an employer of MacDonald  

So after a short research i discovered National express and Megabus 

They are coach companies and work very well 

National express is operating  in the main bus station , meanwhile Megabus is operating  in Bond street 

Both the companies are in central Bristol , and for me it is easy to reach them walking from my home .

Do you know how much i can pay a ticket of Megabus to London ? Just £ 6 !!

Obviously you must book it a bit earlier to get the fantastic offer but even if you book one day before the ticket  never is going over £20 

The travel lasts  3 hours , so you need to leave the city on time 

But when you are on the coach you have all the comforts you can find on the expensive train 

Sometimes there are boring people who talk at the phone all the time 

I hope the companies discourage people to use the phone during the travel with a restricted policy 

Anyway when i take the coach at 5.15 am i always sleep 3 hours before arriving in London 

A pillow around my neck and an hat on my eyes and the game is  played 

A long sleep to London 

Instead when i come back to Bristol i usually travel in the late afternoon or early evening

In Summer you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Wiltshire (where i was living before part of my life ) and Cotswold

Both the companies arrive in Victoria station, central London ,  and from there you can commute easily everywhere 

Remember to arrive in Victoria station at least 30 minutes earlier the departure if you wish to sit in a particular  place of the coach 

Especially Megabus is always full 

So thanks to these two companies i can still working in London and commute to the capital at least once a week and still having my artistic dreams

Thanks for reading 

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