What is happening behind these strange British modeling websites ?

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As an ex model i am asking myself how is changed the world behind these modeling websites in Uk 

I joined several websites 8 years ago  to meet creatives and share my passion for art 

I was humble and never thiought to ask money at the benginning of my career

But now ? 

Most of these ' professional models and photographers ' are people  who join a modeling  website in only one day to have more money in their pockets or because bored of their personal life and think to  become famous and rich 

Unfortunately most of these people carry on to be pensioners, housewives and students paid for domestic shoots  cash in hands 

Let us look better inside this world then 

Often  the arrogance and stupidity of these new  and older subscribers  is often supported by the admins of the websites because they are seen like a gold treasure  for the pockets of the founders 

Without doubts there are also talented and intelligent people in the middle of that circus but usually these honest people are those who have the biggest problems .

Joining a modeling website  without an ID document is a common rule 

When you join one of this website , for example ,  nobody asks you an identity document 

But it  can be very risky for young girls because they can find themselves  working  naked in house studios , or in a forest , on a beach  with a perfect unknown 

The common rules of our society teach women no to go alone with unknown people ..but no in this website 

And often happened the worst 

These women are molested and threatened during the  photo shoot , and they go home shocked and scared to carry on with the work 

The website says to advice the admins  when the abuse happens but the website is not doing anything to prevent it 

No ID , no DBS certificate even if girls and guys  under 17 are accepted 

And how these people who call themselves professional models and photographers are paid ?

All the photo shoots are booked through the website but all the payments happened outside the platform 

You must remember when someone is paying someone else for something in Uk is called contract of work and there are some rules to respect 

If the shoots is outdoor the photographer  must have a liability insurance because if the model fell down and hurt herself she must be paid 

But no liability insurance is advised by the website !

If you are a self employed you must have an UTR number and do   an invoice at the end of the day 

If you pay a model you must declare your money with the tax office especially in cash in hand 

Here what is written on the front page of a known  website: 

Fill your casting calls, book more shoots
With around 7,000 shoots booked, and 14,000 casting call applications each month you are certain to be able to find the right people to work with. Thanks to our casting calls system, with it's email and onsite notifications plus our large audience of talented creatives, casting calls are viewed around 350,000 times each month.

Join now and start booking more photo-shoots!

If these people do not declare their earning the UK has a great lost in its pockets !! 

Moreover most of the girls suffering abuses do not speak

 Silenced women 

They are threatened by the old men declaring to be professional photographer ( then you go to see their pictures and you say what ?? and this is should be called PROFESSIONAL ART PHOTOGRAPHY ?? )

These girls often decide no to speak  no to speak ... they think if they talk nobody else will call them for photo shoots 

They are brainwashed 

There is a sort of everyone  knows but do not  speak because you will pay for it !! 

How much they are paid these no professional people  to work in these photo shoots

Someone work free but most of them (even if they have joined the website one day before without any checks on their portfolio ask  30 pound per hour or 120 pound for 4 hours and 280 pound all day 

I have seen a  model asking in Swindon £150 pound for two hours !!!!

Apart this illegal  behavior towards the common rules of the market of work ,  we have the problems of these abusers who will never finish to molest women because  there are no proper controls from  the beginning

Today i read this conversation on one of these websites  

Someone is writing to the molested model :
Seriously? Someone on here made a threat like that? J. whoever it is needs a kick in the nuts. (And you, and the other models who have had bad experiences need to report it to Admin).

and she ( the model molested )answers :

Alright mate, I will do it on here too no problem. Sorry but I was a little afraid to do to be fair because it was mentioned by this individual that if i said anything that I would be found out and bad things would happen to my husband and to myself once i got found out. I know it is empty threats mate I do, but I have enough on my plate right now i do not need this too!

and another one :
Sounds to me like he is a "Sexual Predator"

- Report to Admin.

- Encourage the other Models to report to Admin.

- It is my understanding that a "Model Safety Uk" already exist on Facebook.

- Unmask him. Share his "creepy" communication.

and here the molested model again :
no problem R. i have now made a report on this. I do not wish to be someone who names and shames on a public platform. However, I would like to take matters further if i could. Sadly i am more here out of concern of others who may now meet and work with him than for myself.I got off better it seems than some others i have listened to about their experiences. Sadly a couple of them are not willing to come forward because of threats made but i am seeing to it that others do come forward.

always the same story 

who is behind model safety uk ?? the same men who spend money paying naked women to do erotic photo shoots on mountains , trees, car parking in the night and home studio  ? we should check 

In conclusion
where is the safety here behind this modeling website ?? no liability insurance , no contracts of work , no pay slips , no invoices , no id documents , no dbs documents
when i say we have just bunga bunga parties

Thanks for reading