What is really happening behind these British modeling websites ?? Contracts of works, honest rates , liability insurance , security for women who accept to work with unknown men ?

Uk is out of Europe so our commitment must be most serious and responsable for the health and wealth of our country 

Who voted pro brexit  is watching at the most of Europeans like parassite who were coming in Uk to use their system 

Ok ..some of these greedy Europeans   did this shame in the past but those people who i have met in London and around this beautiful country called United Kingdom  is working hard to have a decent life in a foreing country 

But what i have seen behind some modeling websites like purpleport dot com make me  feel bit sick and have so many questions to ask 

Everyone is a professional model or photographer behind those modeling websites in uk ?

Everyone can join these kind of websites 

They can decide to pay a subscriprion of £40  per year and from the following day they start to advertise castings on the websites as fashion , experienced , published model or experienced photographers

Most of these people are studens , pensioners ( most of them with a previous work for the government ) , rich people , housewives  and women who are looking for easy money in their pockets .

Most of them work at home , or in booked hotel bedrooms or in studios created in the shed at  the back of the garden 

here some examples of those castings or profiles on purpleport  :

She is a model living in Wilshire and is working from her house 

Ok ..nothing to comment about that at the beginning 

But when you go to look at her rates i have an heart attack 

Look what she asks :

Rates and levels:
The rates below are for one-to one non commercial bookings, please contact me with regards to other types of shoots.

Beauty, Fashion, nude and ´╗┐erotica - £40ph, £150 for a half day.

Open leg, and fetish - £60ph, £200 for a half day.

Toys and hard girl/girl - £70ph, £300 for a half day.

Minimum shoot length of 2 hours.
 Home shoots

Another model is writing : 

My rates are fitness/ fashion £30 per hour

Lingerie £50 per hour and fetish/ topless £70 per hour, nude £100 per hour

Minimum of a two hour booking, I may ask that travel is covered if it outside London area.

If she travels outside London she asks also Travel expenses !! lol 

The Lengh of Pubic hair is considered important for the models of purpleport !! why ?? 

A model of Bristol points out the lengh of her public hair ? and she is not alone !Another one writes her hair have now an heart shape !! 

Very curious these profiles and aspect of art :

 why   famous and international published models are so keen in describing the lengh of their pubic hair ???

Small studios around the countryside 

Without forgetting the reality in some small photographic studio in the South West of England 

Last year a model arriving in Uk from Portugal ,because invited by the owners of a studio in Swindon . asked 150 pound to pose all naked for two hours !!

Considering she was booked for 8 hours , she must have brought home lots of money 

Surely better than preparing coffee in front of a coffe machine in Pret !! 

How these actors are paid ??

Obviously if all these payments are done through paypal or a regular bank account i have nothing to say 

But most of the time they happen in cash , and there is no contract !!!!!! of work !!!!

I know here in Uk if there is a payment  between two people is considered a work and must be singed a contract  especially when the rates per hour are so high !!

An employer of Tesco  earns £ 10 per hour and pay his taxes 

An unknown woman working in her home is allowed to ask £ 200 for two hours because she has a profile on one of these modeling websites ... uhmmmmm why ??? 

how many  people behind those modeling websites ??? 

 just on purpleport website there are around 36.000 people ! 

Ok .. some of them organise shoots based on a collaboration called teqnically TF  

These websites were created for this , but now it seems hiding a great business of undefined  work 

Studio workshops 

Obviously a last note about workshops organised in those  small photographic studios of the british countryside but advertised through purpleport 

These people who decide tomorrow to teach photography and ask to be paid £35 per hour have a title in photography ? they studied at the Uni ? why they teach photography and lighting ? how many years they are working seriously as photographers and models ? they read books of art , lightings or photography ?

Organizing fetish events  or photoshoots  with young girls in their late 10s and men over 50s are  enough to arrive to teach photography   in Uk ? 

I have so many questions 

Sorry but even if i live in Uk from 2011 i am not sure on what is admitted in this country 

Escorts  working in their homes are ok ? 

Unknown Models working withour contact of work  and paid 200 for 4 hours are ok ? 

People who never been in an Uni of art asking to be paid for studio days , groups shoots or workshops in their unknown studios are ok ?

Meantime people do not have money to arrive at the end of the month 

Lots of homeless dying on the streets

NHS is very bad and we can die if there is not a bed that night in the hospital where you arrive to ask help 

Police ? well those poor people risking their life every single day on our streets have no lots of resorses  to fight the crime 

So why nobody is going to check why those pensioners   behind purpleport and similar websites  are allowed to pay lots of money in cash womenwithout any contract and proof of the payment of their taxes ??

The law and the rights should be the same for everyone 

Especially when i am talking of people  born  and living in our country 

Lots of doubts .. really lots of doubts 

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