Why my Swimdom island short stories should be banned on these modern social medias ?

So guys ,

i am still here asking questions around because more i live in Uk more i am concerned about the social behavious of its inhabitants on these social medias 


Let s start to explain  my problem 

On fb i have a profile called Lou Rose Bern 

An a page called Darkmoon life model 

The name of this page was created years ago when i was known artistically with this name 

I was a stupid woman believing to become famous joining several British modeling wesbites like Purpleport  dot com 

But that website drastically changed in worst my life 

I met only unprofessional people more interested in taking pictures at my naked tits than at my creativity and fantasy 

Moreover through that website i met a weird man who became my partner for three long years , giving me  emotional abuses all the time because he liked to play with me and all the rest of his gang 

During that period , I have never tried to be friends of men in their 60s playing with girls in their late 10s with the excuse to take pictures in unknown photographic studios of the British countryside and  paid a in cash ,  with promise to become stars of the island 

I have always opposed  this aspect of the British modeling world 

I am an open minded person and have not problems to pose naked for my artists during my life model sessions but nobody force me to do that with lies 

I love all my life model colleagues and actors and actress

But the amatuer worLd of photography in uk is totally different 

It has changed in worseR due to THE NATURE OF those modeling websites 

A woman is convinced that  posing on a bed for a pensioner is a famous model and go around uploading those ugly pictures on fb , hiding her nipples with colourful stars 

 FB does not ban anymore this sort of posts ..she is a superstar for the british community !!!

But FB arrives to ban my short stories on ANIMALS !!!

Purple Pork Animal Farm in Swimdom Island short stories 

Anyway once i left all that world i tried to rebuild my life and as a therapy i started to paint and writing my short stories titled Swimdom island 

They are short stories inspired by  the famous novel of George Orwell titled Animal farm 

Animald living in a farm  on the island of Swimdom 

Why purple ? because all these pigs are horny in taking pictures at young and less young naked chicken models and their colour changed from pink to purple 

They are funny stories and people appreciate them 

I published some of them on my Fb page trying to understand the opinion of the public to arrive to publish them one day 

it is not easy for me adapting my italian  in an English style so i am always looking around for en editor or writer who can modify my stories 

They are good also for a comedy or musical if some musicians find the right words and music for them 

Maybe better than the Lion King , lol !!! 

But here arrives the problem 

Some people i met before , hate my paintings and those animals of my Swimdom island and ask fb all the time to remove them because considered against the COMMUNITY RULES FOR BULLYING AND HARASSING 

Come on !!! 

i am still stalked  and a victim of emotional abuses and i am accused by FB to harass and bully people with my pigs and chickens !!

I have beeen to a police station and the police has sincerely laughed when heard the problem 

I am not accusing anyone in my stories 

I am trying to be a writer following my creativity 

I am also a painter 

So i am asking myself 

If i paint chickens playing with purple ;pigs i will be  banned  by the wortld of art ?? 

This is ridiculous 

So i started to do a research on who m is behind those people who accuse me to bully the society with my animals ! 

And i discovered that many people playing like photographers in those websites are retired old men   of the government offices  and some of them still work there with important roles 

So maybe ..who is banning my innocent short stories is checking my posts behind his computer of the MI5 ??? lol lol lol !!! I am more important than the real terrorists for the MI5 ??? how many spies are spying me ?? lol 

What they are doing behind FB ? 

who is checking and banning the posts on FB here in Uk ? 

Who is working and paid by FB to ban posts of chickens and pigs and warthogs ?? 

I do not like Fb at all 

I prefer instagram 

But here the surprise 

This morning Instagram tried to block my access , suggesting me an old mail address who i was not using for years !!

Why this old mail appreared trying to stop me in logging into instagram ?? 

I am using Instagram for years  with  the same mail , so why last night this old password appeared on my computer trying to stop me to open  instagram ??  the secret services of instagram  ? lol 

So full of curiosity ,  i do my research around and i discover that Fb and Instagram are the same !!!! 

Different names but the same platform !!

So  maybe the same person who is trying to stop me on fb is trying to stop me on instagram ???

Guys , i am not going towards the common rules of our society but for those people i do

Maybe i should be scared ?

What is hidden that amateur modeling wolrd here in uk  ? 

As far as i know  people without experiencee and professionalism are publishing castings on those websites , asking lots of money to work naked in hotel bedrooms or in unknown studios or in multimillionarie villas in Portugal and everything is paid outside the platform of the website 

And  who is checking the regularity of those payments outside the normal rules of a contract of work ? 

FB  ?  an answer please 

We want to know 

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