Why so many overpaid people behind the British modeling websites ?

When everyone is in need of help from the Government , is maybe the right moment to see what is not working  in our country ? 

Well ..in my humble opinion too many people behind modeling websites are overpaid .

Just an example .

On Purpleport , for example , unprofessional models are advertising their work and arrive to ask £30/40/50 PER HOUR ?????? 

More than a nurse risking her life in an hospital !

And what sort of  work they are doing to ask so many money ? 

Working naked in their homes, or in the home studios of the amateur photographers who hire them , or in hotel bedrooms.

Weare talking of unprofessional people so  most of them do not have a UTR number 

So how they declare their payment in cash in hand ? 

They are promoting themselves using modeling websites but the payment happens outside ?

Great easy business, in my view 

And how many young girls ruin their future career for their naked pictures upload on those modeling websites ?

It is really worthy ruin your future for those money ? 

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